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About Us

The Hebrew meaning of Rapha: “to restore”, “to heal”or “to make healthful”.

I wholeheartedly believe that flowers can do that! How? God made flowers on purpose, just as He made us on purpose. Beyond any doubt, flowers were created to purposefully be beautiful, to bring delight and joy to the world. They effortlessly reveal the beauty of their creator, our creator. The endless colors, creative shapes and sizes, various fragrances, they all speak of a God of intricate detail who knows us through and through.

Flowers can make us feel known by God, intimately. For if a flower is created with such care, just imagine what it took to create us, no copies, every one unique.

And so, there is a flower for every occasion. A flower for every person.

This is not just a hobby, it’s a passion. It’s a calling to a mission of the heart, and so an appointed ministry in which I hope to touch lives through feeling intimately known, and in this way bring the healing God so wants us to experience, to the hearts of people.

Our Services


Let us make your special day memorable, with unique flower arrangements. It's a big day that deserves beautiful flowers! We promise nothing but exceptional

Baby Showers & Kitchen Teas

Nothing changes the atmosphere like the birth of a baby. Except for the fragrance of flowers


Wish them a happy and blessed birthday with a lovely custom made bouquet. Nothing else comes close really

Styled Shoots

Dazzle up any camera lens with flowers of note! Our passion for the finer things will be clear to any viewer


Nothing says "I thought of you" like a unique bunch of flowers. It's great to receive, but even better to give


Extend your sympathies with beautiful flowers. This is where the healing really comes in